Meet our lovely leaders

Mike & Lin’s Background

I (Mike) was born in NZ, along with my 4 brothers into a migrant family from Holland. Brought up in 2 cultures and married into a third culture has helped me value and engage in different cultures. Lin is from Malaysia and of Chinese ethnicity. We have totally different backgrounds and beliefs, but after finding truth in Jesus Christ, we have experienced the greatest miracle where God has deeply touched our hearts, transforming our lives to share God’s love to Internationals. We were called to the Auckland Tabernacle church in 2001 and continues to be a joy to see people find meaning & purpose in their lives through their relationship with our living GOD and the blessings of true freedom, joy and peace the world cannot offer. Global is family for us, with loving aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters, a united leadership together serving our Father GOD, whose deepest desire is to embrace those who are lost from him. Our desire is to help many on that exciting journey, with the guidance and care of Jesus the GOOD shepherd.


Our Pastor Mike and his wife Lin

Other leaders


Luke Park

"My name is Luke, one of the leaders of the Japanese group, Grapevine. I have joined Global since 2016. I also lead the Sunday afternoon Bible study. I'm looking forward to meeting new people in Global. Please join us!"



"I live in West Auckland with my wife Faith and 6 years old daughter Joy. I'm originally from Taiwan; I moved to NZ with my family when I was starting high school. Now I work as a Software Engineer in Northshore (in Auckland). I am currently a co-leader in a life group based in West Auckland (West Life). On Sunday, you will find me at the discussion table in Global or helping with the children with my wife Faith in the Kids Zone."