Men’s breakfast

Study Topic: The Measure of a Man by Gene Getz

We all want to be more like Jesus. We are made in His image and we too can grow in maturity to become more like Jesus and reflect His beautiful character. Scripture tells us about ‘putting off the old self ‘and ‘putting on the new self’. It’s a process and we can never do that by ourselves. Progress in our character can be a struggle, yet it is so important as character underlies everything about our lives; in the joy of relationships, as husbands, in parenting, serving roles and work. To progress we need to be involved in strong relationships of love and accountability. As we journey together we will look at practical teaching in Paul’s pastoral letters to Timothy and Titus and discussion.

Join this journey together with other brothers in Christ, making time for fellowship over breakfast, good discussions, and learning and growing together.

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man's breakfast