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If you are looking for the church building, please read “About”.

Our postal address is:

Auckland Baptist Tabernacle
Lower Ground Floor
429 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

The Church Administrator can be contacted by email:

The Finance Coordinator can be contacted by email:

Our phone number is:
09 377 4063 (from within New Zealand)
+64 9 377 4063 (from overseas)

Our historic church building is located at the top of Queen Street near the intersection with K Road, on the west side.

429 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
Church Office

The church office is staffed from 9am-3pm, and is in the main church building (previously it was in the next-door building).

All inquiries during the week and all post should be directed to the church office.

REMEMBER the four simple steps when using the car park at any time:

– Follow the arrows.

– Stop at the double line.

– Wait for the lights to turn green (this raises the roller door).

– Put your ticket into the machine at the barrier arm to raise the barrier


There is parking behind the church and underground. Access is via the driveway to the north of the church — on the right-hand side of the photo. Parking is free when attending church events or activities. Note that the parking facilities are run commercially during weekdays and so unless you are attending a church event or activity you will be required to pay commercial rates.

If the church car park is full, overflow parking is available in a number of commercial parking buildings nearby. On Sundays, the parking building on Upper Queen Street generally offers free parking.

There is no charge for parking on Sunday.

On Sunday take a ticket at the barrier arm. On entry to the church, validate your ticket (you will be shown where).

Extra paid parking is available at the Mercury Lane car park, accessible via Mercury Lane. The Sunday rate is reduced. Parking is also available at 20 Upper Queen Street.

The parking equipment is similar to other car parks in the city.  You take a ticket from the machine when you arrive which raises the barrier arm. When you come to leave, you will require a voucher to validate your ticeket.  Once validated you put your ticket into the machine as you exit, and this raises the barrier arm.

Again, take a ticket that raises the barrier arm as you enter. Before you leave validate your ticket at the validation machine which is situated inside the side door. There is no charge. You may park anywhere.

You will be required to pay the standard fee based on the length of time parked.

Either come back the next day or contact the after hours number to have the barrier arm raised for you. This will incur a fee of $40 which you will need to pay in advance. Please contact the after hours number in either situation.

Definitely NO! This has caused several near misses as following cars are unable to fully enter the driveway and have almost been collected by cars coming down Queen Street. A towaway company has full authority to tow all cars in the driveway.