Agnes’ Testimony

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I grew up in a Buddhist family. I came to know God through my friend Hydice who is a Christian. Hydice invited me to church. I accepted her invitation. The people there were nice.  They cared for me so much.  I was feeling good. However, one day I found that I did not get into the university of my choice which was the University of Macau because I did not have the extra 7 marks in Maths. I was really sad.  I was accepted into a university but it was not the one that I wanted to go. People said God had a plan for each of us.  I was wondering whether God had forgotten about me until my mother said I could study abroad.  

I started to prepare for IELTS and believed that God would help me. I got 5 in IELTS.  My agent told me that I have to take English classes because I did not meet the grade.  I was angry with God for not helping me.  

In NZ, I was put in an English class.  When I realized that I was studying in a bad college, I transferred to a new college and started on Foundation. While I was doing my Foundation, I attended the Auckland International Church. However, I stopped attending that church because it was too far away from my home.  

Two weeks after I finished IELTS, I walked past the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle Church which I often do. I always look at the banner outside the church.  It is from John Chapter 14 Verse 6.  Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me”.  I felt curious.  

On a Friday outreach, Esther invited me to a Sports Night on Saturday at church.  When I arrived I was kept waiting. I wanted to go home, but I told Esther I would come, so I went inside first.  I thought I would stay only for 10 minutes. Because I was really tired at night. I stood at the back. An usher saw me and led me to a seat.  I realized that the couple beside me were my friends whom I met at Auckland International Church.  They live so far away from the city, but they came to this Church.   I was so surprised.  I wanted to stay longer.  

It was not a Sports Night.  It was a concert.  There was a saxophone player.  He shared his life with us.  He shared how he met God and how God changed him.  On that night, I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit come into my heart.  I could hear a voice that said: “This is the time”. I became a Christian on that night after hearing the voice.  It seems as if many things happened by chance.  Actually, it is not.  God sent Esther to ask me to go to church, and then He sent my friends from Auckland International Church to be with me. In fact, I was supposed to go to a Sports Night on level 3 where Esther would meet me.  I accidentally went into the main auditorium.  All the things that happened were by chance, but really it was part of God’s perfect plan to draw me closer to him from the night I came to the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle.

On reflection, I could not go to the University of Macau but I got a chance to come to New Zealand.  I had to take an English class.  God was training me.  I transferred to a new college.  God is still training me.  He wants me to grow up.  I had many hard times in NZ because I came here alone, there were many troubles.  Even after I became a Christian, I still had hard times.  The difference is I know God is with me.  He is always there.  He loves me.  He will finish my hard time in his time.  He is teaching me.  

I was looking for a part-time job after I finished my IELTS exam.  I kept praying to God.  The job helps me to pay for my living fees. It was hard to find a job.  I sent CVs.  I put an advertisement on the Internet.  No one replied to me.  I felt sad and I started to give up.  The amazing thing is my advertisement dropped down after about one week, but someone called me to have a trial.  I got the job finally.  My boss asked me to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I told the boss that I had to go to church on Wednesday and Sunday. She said I can work on Friday and Saturday instead.  

Do you remember my friend Hydice?  She was looking for a part-time job, but she said she couldn’t work on weekends because of the church. At that time, I thought that she was crazy, but now, I understand her.  

I am happy to be at church.  People say that I am always smiling.  I think it is because I am happy at church.  God is changing me.  I used to be a negative person.  He wants me to be a positive person.

I think that God gave me many gifts.  I can sing, dance and play the guitar.  I can feel his love.  He loves me so much and he always replies to my prayers in many ways.  I don’t always have confidence in everything but He is changing me.  When I was losing confidence in my study, someone suddenly asked me, “Tell me what you cannot do?”  I suddenly realized that I can do many things.  I can also do well in my studies. When I knew that I could not enter the semi-final round in the singing competition, I was really sad, but actually, God gave me a chance to serve at church.  I joined the music team.  Whenever we are worshipping God, I feel His joy and peace.  I remember someone told me that when we are in a worship team, it is a good test of whether we have a good relationship with God.  God is using us to lead people to come closer to him.  Every time when I was worshipping God, I tried to sing and play the guitar by heart.  I want people to feel the Holy Spirit and to be closer to our Father.  

I want to end with a verse from Mark Chapter 12 Verse 30 and 31.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.  The second one is to love your neighbour as yourself.  There is no commandment greater than these.