Pray and Believe – Ashish

ashish testimony

Even though I grew up in a non-religious Indian family, I started praying to God regularly. I just felt that it was natural to believe there was a God who made the universe. But after graduating from High School I began to get away from these thoughts as I began to give in to temptation. When my friends called me to a party, I did not resist. I used to go immediately and do bad things. Then I began to have troubled relationships. I noticed my friends were only friends to me when I helped them in some way. But they’d leave me when I was in trouble.  I, therefore, felt lonely. I never felt peace in my heart.

When I arrived in Auckland and walked up Queen Street, I was attracted to the Baptist Church building. When someone suggested I attend a course in this church I did. Whenever I came, I felt very different and peaceful. I felt I was coming closer to God. I learned that Jesus was God’s son. But I still had questions. My life began to take a new direction after I started to attend the “Global Service” upstairs each Sunday morning. I started praying to God and felt he was now listening to me. But I went through some difficult phases during this time.

I knew there were bad things in my life but I didn’t know how I could stop them.

I later found that these very words of Jesus in the Bible! Jesus . . . said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” These words gave me confidence that no matter how big my problems were, everything through Him is possible. I know He will always be there with me and help me to make the right choices in my life. Today He is helping to get better control of my life. Now I want to be obedient and follow Jesus with all my heart.