I Received a Brand New Life – Ada

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Growing up in Hong Kong my family respected all our Chinese idols, especially Kwan Yin the goddess of mercy and also a statue of Buddha. We worshipped our ancestors too. I was taught that our ancestors could protect us and that they are God. When I was a little girl, my grandmother and my parents always said, we should worship all the idols and ancestors.

I, therefore, didn’t want to go to a church or listen to anything about Jesus. That’s because I saw Christians always praying in groups around their church. I thought that these people must be controlled by Jesus, “the devil spirit”, or something else that makes them – in me thinking – so crazy. Besides, to me, Jesus belonged to a Western people’s religion. I am Chinese, so Jesus cannot understand me or our culture. Also, I didn’t believe Christians as they gave their testimonies. I thought they were making up their stories to make me believe in Jesus.

But after my parents passed away, my whole world turned upside down. I had no home and no money, and the people I had loved and trusted betrayed me. My sister abused me for over 10 years. I wanted to kill myself…

Then I met a Christian lady who provided a wonderful place for me to stay. It was her holiday house and she charged me no rent. I still wanted to commit suicide, but I felt I should not kill myself in the house of this kind Christian lady. She would have a hard time selling the house for a good price if I did that…

I just knew in my heart what they were saying was true. I could feel the love of God in my heart as I listened to them. Because of this love now in my heart, I found myself asking the God of Heaven, “Why do you love me?” I became convinced that Jesus was the Son of God, and not long after that, I asked Him to come into my heart!

Before I accepted Jesus, I was a negative person with low self-esteem and very poor self-confidence. I was very shy and would not talk with strangers. If I did talk, my face went red very easily. Now, I’m still a little shy, but I have improved a lot.

I am now happier too and my thinking is getting much more positive. My confidence is also improving and I have hope for the future. No more thoughts of suicide. I feel peace and joy inside my heart. Through my experiences, I know we can ask God to help us as He is our heavenly father. God loves us and He cares for us.

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